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Verf to. AnExpofttionofthe 27. Ffaíme: $5 and fo cannot (inne unto death, i yohn 3.9. and 5. r 8. un- to whom Godscorrecìions are, with in.ffru&ion, the way of life : for thereby God humbles them for their tins, and fo brings them to repentance, as, 7e-r. 3r. 8, 19. And the end, which God made with 704, Thews that Gods trials of grace make them comeforth as gold. yob 23. 1 o. This ferves for inffruciion, andfor admonition. For inf}ruftion : fee here a plain evidence ofgreat gaine The ute for i in truegodlineífe : as, i 7'im. 4.8. and 6.6. for their pie- nruftion, ty gives evidence oftheir being in covenant , and then their troubles,thoughthey may be many and grievous,yet certain ly they are but temporary : as,Pfal. 34. 19. Many are the asiflions ofthe righteous , but the Lord delivereth them out of them a/1.1)1-1.3y. 7.c..Jfark the perfefl man ,andbehold the upright, for theend of' that man is peace : fo that a manfhaîl' fay, verily,there isfruitfor the righteous. Pfal. 5 8.11. For admonition, to every one, that lives in theChurch, The üie for togive diligence to get this ef}ate,to have the true God for admonition. the God ofour falvation : then we may be fore, Gods lea- ving :'and forfaking will not bee overlong. Pfd. 119. 8. Now this requires, fir,ft true repentance in forfaking all finne in refpeáf ofdominion : for , Pfal. 119. 155. Salva- tion is fare from the wicked. 1 yohn i . 6. Then get the fore named graces offaith, Iove,and fear, and certainly the covenant of grace in Chrift (hall be fiable unto us. Verf. Io. whenmy father and my mother forfak,e me , then the LardWill take me up. N the former Verfe, the Prophet Davidprayed, that the The meaning Lord would not leavehim,nor forfake htm,movingGod cf the words. thereto by this, that Godwas the Godofhis falvation:and here, profecuting the fame matter, he tefifieshis affiance and confidence in God , for the enjoyingof theMeiling there prayed for: which teftimonyhe fetteth farth,by way of comparifon, preferring Gods tendercare over him , for his prefervation , before the care ofhis own parents., both father