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34 flyExpoftionofthe 27. Pribfrie. Var. g. Chrift , of their love and fear of God : which is rightly done by the fruitsofthefe graces, according to Clarifts rule, The tree is knoWn by his fruits. Match. i 2. 3 3. Now the furefruitof true faith is theraving work,of theword. i Thef. 2. 13. Thefruit oflove is obedience , in doing goodfor Gods glory. I John 5.3. The fruit offear is obedience to god, in efchewing evill. Exod. 20.20. Prov. 8. 13. Prov, r4. 27Secondly , confider David: claim tohave God for the God ofhis falvation, with the end, for which he doth here make it : which is tomoveGod , not tohide his face from him , nor to leave him , nor forfake him ; and then this is TheGxt Ob., plain, That they,that have God for the Uod oftheir falva- fervation. tion, have a good ground of affirance , that he will not forever hide his face from them, nor leave them, nor for- fake them. I fay forever, becaufe , for a long time , God may hide his face, and feem to leave and forfake : as, Pfal. r3. I, 2. How long wilt thouforget me, O Lord, for ever ? Row long wilt thou hide thyface, &c. And , Pfal. 77. 7, 8. Will the Lordcall offfor ever ? Is his mercy cleangone ? But, iftheybe his by covenant, he will certainly return,and (hew mercy, fee, Pfd. 3 0.5. Hisanger endurethbut a moment, in hisfavour is life : weepingmay endurefor a night,hutjoy co- meth in the morning. See, Ifa. 49. 14, 15, 16. Zionfaith, the Lordbath forfaken me , andmy Lord path.forgottenme. Can a woman forget her fucking childe, &c. Ifa. 54. 7, 8. For a(mall moment haveIforfaken thee , but ingreat mer- cies will Igather thee, &c. The reafon. The reafon is from Gods faithfulneffe, in the covenant ofgrace in Chrift, which is eftabli(hed in thevery heavens, Pfat. 89. 2. Faithfull is he that callethyou, who will alfa do, it I Thef.S. 24. IfWe believe not, yet he abidethfaithful!, he cannotdeny himfelf. 2 Tim. 2. 13. Ifwe mark well,the caufès of Gods forfaking thofe, that be truly in covenant,, are ever temporary, anfwerable whereunto ; , the fo faking it felf be, to wit, correa-ion for (inn,, andtrial of graçe . for tilVA1104 a 41IYC/41.410110M440441 and