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`' 2 CÍOttW fan. j 89 If the holy fpirit depart,faithwrites fcabbed up- on all other things, and the believer becomes as a dead man,unable to breath in prayer, or walk in holinefs,or live or have a being in the fpiritu- al world. The Sun is down, and it is night with him ; the dew is ofh,and his fleece dry ;the gales are wanting, and he is at a ftand in his voyage to heaven. Thus faith yields up the foul to be taught by the fpirit. Secondly, In and through Chriff the Mediator, faith yields up the foul to God to be taught by the #pirit. I fay, in and through Chrifl the Mediator: Without a Mediator God will not fpeak to a finfulcreature,unlefs out of the fire,in words of wrath,like thofe at the laft day, Go, thou curled one. If he fpeak and commune with us in-words of peace and fálvation, it mutt be from the mer -' cy -feat, that is, through Chrifl, who is called Gods inasñgsoy or propitiatory,Ror. 3.2 5. Hence Chrifi is called the zvrfdom of God, becaufe through him that wifdom doth rnanifeft it.felf, and asGod fpeaks,fo faith hears and refgns,both are in and through the Mediator. I fay,in and through the Mediator,faith yields up the foul to God to be taught by the fpirit, the very fame teaching fpirit,as it was procured by the Medi- ator, fo it is given out by God. Therefore faith, for the tcachíngs thereof; refigns up the foul as to the Mediator the procurer, fo to God the donor .Of it : And in this retignation faith climbs up to him by that noble Attribute of his infinite wifdom. Are there tranfcendent mytze- ries in Scripture .? faith will reign and cry out with