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neciattgi 5átÚ, with Zophar, Oh! that God would fpeakand fhew me the f crets of wífdom. w' hilefi the Scripture is in its hands,it fighs and looks up for the key to unlock and fhew forth this and that truth in its fpiritual glory,or at leafi in feme fuch beams of it as it is capable of; the Original Languages will not ferve its turn, without the Original Au- thor ; nor the Learned Comrentators,without the great Interpreter : that only wife God who endited the Scripture, can illuttrate the heart ; and whilefr the believer reads the one, he waits for theother. Is there a praEtícal cafe dubious and perplexed, like an intricate Labyrinth or way -lefs wildernefs ? and when the believer goes about to put all circun fiances into the bal- lance,doth he tremble and demurr like Origen at the Idol incenfe, and cannot be fatisfied ? In fuch a cafe 1 with runs, and Efra -like hangs upon God for a right way ; the All -wife can make a way in the wildernefß, and guide thee with his eye,faith Faith : one call or glance from his wif- dom will difintricate thy doubts, and make thy way plain before thee.Doth the, outward world grow flormy and tempeftuous ? is the sky of the times overclouded with troubles and dan gers ? faith flands in the poflure of 7ehefhaphat, we know not what to do,but oar eyes are upon thee, 2 Chror.2o.12. we know not,but thou knoweft how to deliver ; there is nothing but confufion below,, but all is clear and ferene in thy wife counfels ; there is no one way or method of de- livtrance in our reafon,but there are infinite mil- lions of ways and mthods with thee. Such a faith