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netivuo , aft . a natural one. If it dye alone or of it felf,it is no facrifice, it muff be 'cropt, in the flower, and slabbed at the heart, and dye of its wounds; the violence done to God and Chrift and the Spirit,muft be upon it, till it give up the ghoft. Chriff died a tormenting death, in pains and a= gonies, and we muff dye fo to fin, we muff finer in the fiefh, r Pet.4.I. bleeding under fin, and being forrowful to the death of it. Chrift died a lingring death, and fo loth fin,it doth not dye all at once,but languifhes by little and little; the believer dies daily to fin. The Coloffians were dead,Coh3.3. and yet faith the Apofle, mortifie your members, v.8. Mortification muff be upon mortification, becaufe fin is long a dying : the genius of faith is, to have fin crucified as Chriff was , following his ff eps , as much as may be. Secondly, H yields up his foul to Chrift as the meritorious caufe of mortification. Chrifts death merited fins hence faith glories in the crofs Of Chriff,as in that whereby the world is crucified to the believer, and he to the world, Gal. 6. 14. there it would hang up every luft as an accurfed thing. Faith lies at the bleeding wounds of Chriff,watching for the breathings of that #irit, which can mortifie the deeds of the body,waiting for that mind of Chrift which can make us fuf fer in the fefh,that we may ceafe from fin.Chrift was crucified, and the believer would have the old man crucified together, he would dye with him as the graft loth with the flock. There is a Fopifh fable, that the angry Acriatick Sea was