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lectouo.iattb. Was becalmed by one of the nails of Chrifs crofs cati into it ; the moral is true : the trou- bled fea of lull in our heart cannot be fubdued but by the application of Chritis death ; the winds and waves there obey no other voice but that of Chrift crucified, he yields up his foul to Chrift a the royal worker of mortification. When he fees his lulls as fo many rebels rifing up in artes, he flies to his foveraign Chrift for a pow- er to fubdue them : the high things and ftrong holds appearing in his underfi.anding,make him cry out,Treafon, Treafon, the Jebuf to is in the tower ofDavid ; the flefhly wifdom hath got into the underftanding,O thou wifdom of God captivate and call it down..The Pagan lulls and Gentile-wills (hewing themfelves in the heart, force him to break forth like théPfalm Jf,0 God, the heathen are come into thine inheritance, thy temple they have defiled, calf them out 0 thou mighty Saviour, that my foul may be a fanl`tuary for thy felf. When the battei is fet before and behind, corruptions furrounding and encompaf- 3ing him,his eyes are upon his Lord fitting above at the right hand of power,till his enemies be made his footffool. And as the believer yields' up his foul to Chrift for mortification of fin, fo alfo for vivifi- cation of the foul. And this in the very fame refpeds. Firff, He yields up his foul to Chrift as the grand pattern of vivification ; the parallel is the Apofilès own,Like as Chrift was raifed up from the, dead by the glory of the Father,even f we al f a (Mould