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106 io cciaugl 2aft i. fhould walkin nerwrtefl of life, Rom. 6.4. Look what was done in the flefh of Chrill in his cor- poreal refurre6ion,that-is done in the fpríts of 'Chriflians in the fpiritual refurretion : there the Clone was rolled away from the fepulchre, here from the heart; there the flefh of Chrifl was railed -up by an Almighty power,called by the Apoftle, the glory of the Father ; here the foul of the believer is railed up by the fame power, as appears Eph.r.rg, 2o. there after the corporeal refurreaion, Chrill appeared in humane lineaments ; here after the fpiritual re- furreftion, the Chriflian appears in divine gra- ces : the genius of faith is to aflimilate the Chri- tlian to Chrill rifen. Secondly, He yields up his foul to Chrill as the meritorious caul áf vivification. Chrill meri- ted all graces for us, faith Both not dare to go immediately to God, no not for hounds it fell, but it goes and fucks at the breafls of Chrills humanity,well knowing that all graces are from the fpirit , and the way of the fpirit is .by the blood, as T'agoton' Archbilhop of Magdenburg took the lafl breath-of his dying Mailer Wolf= by applying mouth to mouth ; fo faith ap- pliesits.mouth as it were to 'the wounds of a dyingChrift, from thence to receive the fpirit of all grace ; that love,joy,peace,lopg- fuffering, gentlenefs ,goodnefs,meeknefs,temperanee, asfo many rivers of living water, may flow in the heart,to make glad the habitation of God there- in, that the holy fpirit may be as it were the foul of the foul,breathing in the believers pray- -