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` e2ccioü# j attïj. 107 as, and shining on his Bible, and melting in his charity, and impo wering in his infirmity, and honey- dropping in his co nverfes, and being a Shechinah, a prefence and a glory in all his ways. Thirdly,He yields up his foul to Chrill as the Royal Donor of all quickning graces. Chrift as a Pries merited all graces,but as a King he gives them out unto us,him bath God exalted with hit right hand,to be a Prince and a Saviour to give re- pentance,A67.5.3 r. and fo to give all other gra- ces. A melting heart is but a word of power from him at Gods right hand,an heavenly heart but a touch from him fitting in heaven, every piece of holinefs is a beam of glory .from him meeknefs,and mercy, and obedience, and pati- ence, are as fo many pearls dropping from,his crown ; all the fneddings of the holy fpirit flow from himwho is exalted above, he afcended up that he might fill all things,Eph.4.1o. that is, all the fpiritual world of believers with grace. Faith therefore looks up for the fweet illapfes of the fpirit,and waits for graces as fo many gol- den apples dropping down from that tree of life which Rands in the upper Paradife of God. Secondly,In and through the Mediator this re- fignation is made unto God,it is God that J i- fieth. God as the fupream fountain of grce; and in this refignation faith climbs, up to him partly by the Attribute of free - grace, calt thy burden upon the .Lord,faith the PJalmilt.Pfal.55 22. or as the Original imports, omnia donabilia t na,