Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

o8 Prang; red* tua, all that thou wouldeff have given thee,what- ever thy want be, mortifying grace, or quick - ning grace, faith hath an art to call and unload all upon free -grace : there being a famine of grace in lapfed nature, faith brings out the emp- ty veffel, the foul void of felf- worthinefs, and fets it under one ordinance or other,waiting up- on God till he rain down righteoufnefs upon the foul. This is the rain of liberalities, as the Original is,Pfal.68.9. this faith waits for with- out money or price ofits own,becaufe God is love, and grace free, and partly by the Attribute of Almighty power : fin is firong,but not infinite- ly;the Almighty, who fubdues all things to him- fell; can eafily fubdue it. The heart is a dead womb, and not able to teem out the lean parti- cle of grace, but the Almighty can quicken the dead, and raife up a divine feed therein. The fingers which made an Heaven and an Earth, can make a new heart and a new fpirit : Faith takes hold on the power of God, for the work- ing fankitication in the heart. Thirdly, This refignation is made to the word, and that upon a double account. It is made to the word as the warrant of both the former refig- nations, and made to the word as the engine in Gods hand for the working of fanOi fication ; it is made to the word as the warrant of both the former refagnations. The word is full of pro- mifes of mortifying and quickning grace, and thefe promifes fiream out to us from the pure fountain of free grace, through the bleeding wounds of thé Mediator, and are all Tea and Amen.