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plecivu , IttM. 127 rationis fimul ¿ voluntatis, quod beni' innuit Apoftolus in ipfâ notificatione fidei, cum dicit fidem of e fubftantiam rerum J)ierandarum, argu- mentum non apparentium, tangens quod eft in ea cognitionis,& quod eft affeWionis,faith Bona - venture, the agent of faith is in the U.nderfiand- ing, but the refignation is in the Will, credere eft confektire, confenfio autem volentis elt, faith St.Auftin. We read in Scripture of faith un- feigned, and fincerity is in the Will, of the o- bedience of faith, and obedience is in the Will, of leaning, rolling, reJting , calting our (elves upon God, and all thefe are in the Will ; all the refignations which the believer makes , are aas of his Will ; if he refign, to the Promifes, and throúgh them to the meriting Mediator, and through him to the free -grace of God, this re- cumbency or fiducialnefs is in his Will ; if he refign .to the commands, and through them to the kingdom of the Mediator, and through him to the holinefs of God, this obediential frame is in his Will ; if he refign for inftrution to the Word, and through it to the great Pro- phet, and through him to the wifdom ofGod this dociblenefs, this tender holy flefh is in his Will; he would have falvation coming in a way of grace, and grace flowing through the Me- diatorJefus Chrift,and Jefus Chrift for a teach- er and ruler as well as for a Saviour, and all this is his choice.'Tis not a meer velleity or ef- fluvium of a light delire, like that of Balaam, let me dye the depth of . the righteous, but an äc`ß of his Will ; 'Cis not a mood or hot fit of devoti-