Polhill - Houston-Packer Collection BT770 .P7 1675

19 CCOMO :fttftb. i83 fancy, it cafls men into dreams and api pearances of happinefs in this and that crea- ture, but as loon as faith awakens them, it is known to be but a dream, the day break- ing in the heart, all the thadows flee away, it looks like fomewhat of fubflance , but it is as all other Idols are , a meer nothing, nothing to make a God of, nothing as fepa- rate from its Creator , jufl as letters with- out fenfe, and beams without a Sun , perfect vanity, which (as a Learned man hath it) it in its true Idea made up of nothing as- the matter, and a lye as the form thereof, A car- nal man gazes upon riches, and forgets the thorn ; clothes himfelf with the, creature , and forgets the moth ; drinks of the cup of pleafures, as if there were no poifon in it, and fits under the gourd of worldly things as if there were no worm at the root ; but the believer fees a vanity in the fairell pro - fpeds of the world, before the ruff appears vilìbly in the gold , faith fees it there ; be- fore the great Dooms -day dashes down the world a6tually, faith doth it mentally, ma- king it as inconfiderable a nothing to mans happinefs, as it will fenfibly appear at lafl , when the whole {hall be wrapt up in a winding -fheet of flames. Again , though the carnal man dote more on creature-com- forts then the believer , yet the believer pries more curioully about them, then he; the carnal man is all for the bulk , but the believer not fo much for that, fearches iñ- N4. to