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J9zecíatio faith. loffes, he computes his inward gains. Oh ! faith he ,, what hath God wrought by this crois ? did not faith roll out as pure gold out of a furnace ? hath not the fire diffolved force bands of corruption ? howmuch of the 'WIT world bath been filed off from the heart ? hath not the rod it felf budded and bloffomed with the peaceable fruits of righ- teoufneft ? what experiments have been made of the love and faithfulnefs of God in the al i iEtion ? which of the Promifes carne in to me, and milked out its comforts in my heart? how warm were the heavenly affect ions with- in , when the frofl' lay upon outward com- forts ? filch enquiries as théfe doth the be- liever make after the holy fruit of afliióti- ons. As to things future and dillant, the belie- ver hath a notable fagacity ; the men of this world are wrapt up in the vail of time, and . fee not fo far as futurity and eternity ; but as loon as faith comes, it rents off the vail, and gives a fair profped into another world : if all the intermediate moments between this and the laft day were cut off, dooms -day were actually upon us, faith can in a fpiritual way put back all the middle time, and makes us fee things as they will be, the heavens on fire, the elements melting with fervent heat, the laff trumpet founding, the dead rifing out of the duff and gathering to the grand 'Tribunal faith is the prefentia- , lity of all thefe. lob looks through the worms and