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;pzeciauo gaitb. will; and the objedive is the Scripture it fell, by its own innate light and Majefty revealing its divinity to the inlightned foul.1ertulliax having this holy light in- him;adored the fuinefl of Scrip - ture. St.Aultin feemeth to be taken to admirati- on with the purity of it,as not admitting fo much as an officious lye.Wherefoever the fupernatural light comes, the Scripture manifetis it felt to be divine. Fourthly,T he fourth ftep of knowledge in or- der to Faith,is Deus revelavit Evangelium, God bath revealed a Gofpel,a way of falvation and e- ternal happinefs.Faith(as I (hall thew hereafter) is not a meer belief of the divine teftimony, but a dependant refignation to God and Chrift;and to this resignation no man arrives,unlefs he firft fee an. overtopping fuperlative excellency in the Gofpel, outbidding the world and all the lulls thereof ; and verily believe that there and there only is the way of life and happinefs : And thus to fee and believe is beyond the line ofrea- fon and all its acquired notions.The natural man . in the mid ft of all his notions carries afalfe bal- lance in his heart,which makes as if every trifling vanity did out-weigh God and Chrift and hea- venly things,and whilell: the ballance is thus, he cannot retign : and thus it will be till fupernatu- ral light come, then and not till then doth the ballance turn by a right et}imate of the Gofpel and the promifes thereof. The #iris inligl?tning, and not humane reafon,takes the things ofCbrift, andfhen's them forth in their glory, joh.16.i4. And in this way God works the heart to relig- nation. CHAP.