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48 1,3lectoit0 fattije to, the blemifh in the eye is not the light,the ru(l in the gold is not the pure metal, neither is all that is in lapfed reafon to be reckoned reafon. If then in this cafe we would know what is ratio - nal,we mull confider what reafon, fo far as it is pure and right,doth dilate to us in this point and what is that, but that God as the firjt uner- rable truth,mu(% be believed in his "words for him: felfand above all other things, even above reafon it felt. ? _Mum eft (faith the Schoolman) ut in- telle6ius nofter ita captivetur,& fubjaceat fumm.e veritati, ficut affeetus nailer debet fubjacere fum- m bonitati, nec poteft of e anima retia nifi intel- leíius Jiemme veritati propter fe, & fuper omnia of entiat, & of ellus fummx bonitati adh ereat : It's juft and purely rational, as to love the fu- pream goodnefs,fo to affent to the fupream truth for it felf and above all ; that is, without any falvoes or exceptions at all : the authority being infallible,the belief fhould in all reafon be abfo- lute. Reafun fays,that God fhould be believed as a God,one that cannot lye, no more then ceafe to be;and if as a God,then for himfelf and above all. That in the Socinian, which adds a falvo to his belief of the holy Scriptures, is not his rea- fon, but the rule and proud fleth and fpiritual corruption of it ; and to believe fuch fluff before the truth of God, and make it the allay and fupream ruler of our faith, is defperately and monflroully irrational. How this tuff grew upon our reafon at firfi, is evident in the fall of man, the Serpent creeps in upon the woman, with an yea, bath God faid ? Gen.3 i. his Ronand.l. 3.d ff.23.