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netiouo iactti. 55 Church ftyled the Samofatenians upon the fame account.God- killers ; and a great Divine paiRd this cenfure on the Socinians, that they were a company of baptized Turks : indeed their cor- rupted reafon diffolves their faith into little or nothing. Fifthly,This belief mail be fuch as owns the holy Scriptures for the rule of faith ; To the Lary and to the testimony, faith the Prophet, If they #eak, not according to this mord,it is becaufe there is no light in them, Ifa. 8. 20. As loon as the morning of faith breaks in the heart, the word is owned as the rule.Enthrrfia1ts going off from the Scriptures, take the fpirit for their rule. Srenckfield was altogether for the fpirit and the internal word,and little or nothing at all for the external. Henry Nicholas boafring of the ho- ly anointing,looked on the Scripture as a literal fleshly elementifh thing. john Vail 'o faith,that +Chriftians may at firft ferve themfelves with Scripture as an Alphabet,but afterwards leaving it to beginners, they attend to their proper Ma- iler the fpirit of God : Others fa} },tbe Scripture is but a dead letter, a thing of paper and ink, and we mutt not try the living by the dead,the holy fpirit by the Scripture. Such as thefe,brag- ging of their own revelations, call all other Chriftians Vocalijts and Literalifts, beeaufe of their adherence to the Scriptures. Mr. Salt - marfh makes three fphears of admini(tration,the Law or meer letter, the Gofpel.which path du- ty and grace in it, arid the fpirit,the pure fpirit, which is the third heaven , higher then Scrip- t- 4 tares