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56 1JtetfOtIO faith. tures and ordinances. The u eigeliats talk of a feeulum Spiritus Sancti, in which there íhall be higher difpenfations then before, and we fhall be wifer then Apoilles. The 2uakers make the light within.;that is,as I take it, natural confci- ence the ftandard of all their aftings. All thefe, though clothed in various words agree together to crucifie the Scriptures, as if they had fome- what more noble. Unto them I (hall offer force confederations. Firft,T he ApoRles direaion is ,Try the fpirits whither they are of God, z 3oh.4. i. in the origi- nal d'Gmt.cgsle,try them,asGoldfiniths try metals by the touchftone,or by the fìre,or as Magiftratcs queftion offenders, or examine thofe that Rand for an office,ufe all manner of ways to find out whether the fpirits be right or not : upon this as a fufficient warrant,I (hall put force interroga- tories to the Enthufiajt. Thou fayefi the fpirit of God is in thy heart, and is it not in the Scriptures too ? and where - ever it is,is it not congruous and harmonious to it- felf ? And what doth it fay in the Scripture ? .loth it not fay, that the Scripture is the rule? To theLaw and to the teJlimony,faith theProphet, Ií.8.2 o. the Law of the Lord is perfell, convert - ing the foul, the teltimony of the Lord is fure,ma- king wife the fimple,faith the Pfalmift, Pfal.'z 9.7. 'heScripture is able to mzke us wire to falvation, and perf c`t,throughly furnifhed unto all good works, faith the Apoftle, 2 I im.3. z 5.6- 17. Nay, fuch a rule it is,that nothing mujt be added to it, nor di- .,minyhed from it, Deut.4.2. no not by an Angel, Is