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PgCíoti i /MO. If an Angel from heaven preach any otherGofeel to you,let him be accurfed, Gal. i.8. And can the fpirit in the heart contradict the fpirit in the Scripture ? can it be contrary to it felf,and de- part from its own oracles ? no furely,defèlible creatures may be off and on,yea and nay in their words,but the holy fpirit cannot be fo. The war between Confiantius and Magnentius was look- ed upon as very portentous,becaufe therein firft crois was carried againfl crofs, and Chriflians engaged againit fellow Chriftians ; but that the holy fpirit fhould make war upon it felf,is a por- tentous contradidion ; which,if allowed,would leave no being to Gods veracity, nor handing unto mans faith But as portentous as it is,the Enthufzaf muff maintain it,unlefs he will confefs that the fpirit in him,which denies the Scripture to be the rule,is not of God. Again, thou faieft thou haft the revelation of the holy fpirit,but how or in what manner Both' it reveal it felf in thee ? I fuppofè thou doff not pretend to a Revelation made by vifìons or dreams or audible voices,as it was wont to be of old,but to a revelation intellec`f.ual ; and that is double, the one extraordinary in Prophets and Apoftles,the other ordinary in all true believers. In the firh revelation made to Prophets and A- poftles,the holy fpirit did immediately infufe the ffieciesintehigibilcs into their minds,and thereby did internally fpeak, and in a proper fenCe reveal things unto them. What we tranflate the begin - ning of the word of the Lord by Hoféa, Hof: 1.2. is in the original the beginning of the Beech cf Je- hovah 57