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6- . 1 eC[OttO fatal* . S dom power ,holinefs,and;foveraignty,as' fo many beams of his glory for our faith to lean upon, 'and as it were to climb up by unto himfélf.2h y that' know thy name will 'truf i in time, faith the Pfalmift,Pfal.9. r o.the knowledge of Attributes is a ftafftoour weak faith in its walk to him. Thirdly, This refignation ú made unto the word as the warrant,rule,and way,in, by,and according to which faith doth proceed .Tt9 things are writ- ten,that you might be1ieve,Yoh.2o.3 r.Qs for the choice bleffings which faith waits for from God and Chritt,the promifes are the warrant.As for the obediential fubjedion to God and Chrift,the , commands are the rule. As for the teachings of the Spirit,the whole word is the way, in which believers looks for the.fame.If faithlook up,the word is the perfpeEtive ; if it work,the word is the line and plummet ; if it confult, here's the oracle ; if it weigh things, here's the ballance : Faith is never warrantlefs.T here is tranfgretling without caufe,but never believing. Faith refìgns to the Mediator,and through him to God , but the commiffion for both is in the .word. Thus far of the fìrft thing,untó whom or what this refignation is made. BLit to go on. Secondly, For what things or purp, fes ii it made ? I anfwer,'It is made for very great things and ends. In opening of which,I fnall to each of them accommodate the former ditIindión of refìgnation,as to the Mediator,as to God, and as to the Word.That the nature of this refignation , may the more fully appear, the precious things and 'ends for which: it is mide, are as .follow- ti:. G 3 Fn t.