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86 ßi3 /eciouo IMO). FirJi, The f ul is refigned to be inffrutied in all the ways of God. And this refignation,that I may keep to the prx- appointed method,is made Firff,To JefUs Chriil the Mediator; and as to him,firft faith Difciples the foul to him, and then yields it up to him to be taught. Firlf, It Difciples the foul to Chrift ; before faith a man is as a Wolf or a Lion for brutilh untraEtablencfs ; but after it, a little child may lead him,cven the leali truth in the word,and he will not break from it : his ear is opened, and his mind in a readinefs for inftru ion.Now this Faith doth two ways. Firft,It doth it by revealing the excellency of Chrift as a Prophet.Oh!fays faith,this is the on- ly Rabbie,the Angel of Gods face, the wonderful counfellor, lying in his bofome and knowing all his fecrets ; his mouth is molt fiveet,hefpeaks ho- ny- combs of grace, and breaths beams of light, and utters fparkles of glory ; nothing but myfte- ries and reEtitudes and words of eternal life ever came from him, and ; to make thefe corrie home to thee) he is an inward Ecclefiaítes,one who can unlock thy fecrets, and come into the midft of thee, and there exprefs himfelf in words of life and power ; arid all the while his Majefty iha11 not fvvallow thee up . He fpeaks through an hu- mane nature and grail of flefh,in rare-,condeícen- lion and comps Ilion towards thy weaknefs. -vVhileft faith is in the high praifes of this great Prophet,the heart cannot chufe but be upon the wheels,ready to run to hitnand fay, fteakLord, for thy f r vant hearetb. Secondly,