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INeefoUO , aftb. 87 Secondly, It doth it by humbling and foftning the heart. Before faith a man is in the ruff of pride,and there's no fpeaking to him , his heart is as a (tone or Adamant, and beats off holy truths : but after it,the man becomes as a little child,and Chrift ma ay any thing to him, his fiony heart is turnetNnto flefh,and fó made ready for God to be manifefted in it. Faith doth fo meeken the heart,that it will fit down at Chrifis feet,and hear him, even in hishardefc Leaures. Let Chrift talk of racks, and bloody perfecuti- ons for the Gofpel,and the believer will be rea- dy to get up the crois on his back. Let ChritlI preach of high and tranfcendent myfteries,fuch as reafon cannot fathom, and the believer will fubfcribe in filence, what ever reafon mutter a- gainft it. Secondly,Faith having difcipled the foul,yields it up to Chrift to be taught : And becaufe now he doth not teach in perfon, as once in the days of his flefh,faith yields up the foul to him to be taught by his fpirit.The difcipled believer loves to Rand as Adam, in the wind of the day, in the gales of the holy fpirit. And this will appear in two things. Firif,Faith waits :upon theSpirit in the leans, and when the fpirit comes in holy motions, it welcomes him into the foul. Faith waits upon the Spirit in the Means, there it cries out,as Eli - fha at Jordan,where is the God of Elijah ? here's the mantle, but where's the God ? here are the Scriptures, but where's the Spirit that endited them, to make holy impre;tíons and Leal divine G 4 truths