Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

MAAAAAAMAAAAMAAAMMAAAMMAAA Tothe Anti - Arminian : OR, To every good Chriflian Reader. Good Reader, Liny the great Naturalif ' % f H taxeth ¡owe o Plidr. n.PN ; zF4cu at. the Greeke and Latin Writers in his rat, time, of folly at the leafl, for fending a- broad their empty and worthleffe Pam- phlets with an over- praifè in the Title, promifrazg much at the firfi fight, but utterly deceiving the Reader in hip further f earch :But he thatflial with judgment reade this Sermon, will finde fotnewhat more then a naked title to commend it. Sometimes the work man graceth the worke : Sometimes the Worke the Werke- man ; but behold in this Trea- tife they ge each other, and are joyned together as a white Kofe and a red Rafe in one fzveete Pofte. But, that both have beene abufed in the firil lin- pr. eíiion hereof, it appeareth as Ilea rely ( by the Manufcript) as the fblendant Sun within Earths fgangled Canopy : for all thofe Paffages, which will make the Arminians to Humble and (without A 2 doubt