Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

D- W. 2 Leaks n fume pfacet. .ta The Epifile to the Reader. doubt) to fall in Tome meafure, are (by the Impri- matur at firfi deleted ; as if Arminianiftne were Englands true DoUrine. But ,tow for thy comfort ( Dear Chrian) thou haft the Author's Sermon as it was preached before King Iames, without the leaft diminution ; And 1 fend it out with that pray_ er or benedi5iion that Iacob fens with his fannes into /Egypt ; God Almighty give thee mercy in the fight of the man : In the fight of the great man, that thou maf make him humble : Of the Poore m,.m, that thou maift made him content Of the flub - borne man, that thou maili hammer and fupple him : Of the penitent man, that thou ma yl bind up his wounds and forer. Of every man, that thou ma: touch bis confcience, and wound hisfoule. Amen. Thine in the Lord Iefus, P.B.: Chrifts