Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

2 Chri(i's Fulne fJe, and [We begin with the fink. This Fulneffe is attributed to Chrifi in q. refpe&s. [ Y. In regard of bis perfon So he was full. i. with n regard of Hs an increate Fulneffe : for as .theglory of God filled the Temple that er ¡on. Mofes could not enter i? fo the humanity 01'0)0 c hich anfwer- ed to that type, was filled not only with the of. &s of the Diety as then,but-with ihilDieéy it felf,which is therefore laid to dwel in him corporally or effentially. [a . He was moreover filled with a Created Fulneffe, and fo he was fail to be full of all divine good things, which Iohn reduces to two heads, Grace and Truth. Truth which comprehendeth all the verrues of underftanding;And Grace which cotnprizeth all beauties and'perfe&ions of the will. Secondly, this Fulneffe is attributed to Chrift in regard of his offices [t. as a Prophet. He dvas fitll ofall the Treafures of wifedom and knowledge ; So that all the Light which the World ever had came from him as a Prophet. 2. [n regard efhis All the Revelations which Adam, Abraham, and Noah ever Ogices. had ; All the Vifions which Efaias, Ieremy, and the reft of the Pro- phets ever law; All the myfteries which ever were declared to Paul and Iohn, came from him,they al received their light ftó this Sun, which from the firft morning of time (hone to the darke world, without fetcing more or leffe,chough the darkenefscomprehended it nor. Secondly, he was ful as a Pr left, full of favour with God, whence he hath audience;alwais full of Compaf on to man,whence he is ready toentertaine any faits of Suitors ; ful ofinerir,whence fare to prevaile in all his requefts and lntercefíions [ ;, He was full as a King, f ull of authority,all power wzs given him, in Heaven & in Earth, full of ftrength & might to defend his Servants, and to refift his enemies til he hath made them his foot -( toile. Laftly,ful of royal' Munificence,whence ready to fupply the wants of his Set- v,Jnts, and to give them in the end a large recompence of reward. Thirdly, this Fulneffe is attributed unto Ch rift in regard ofrigh 3' teoufneffe ; he was full of all righteoutneffe originali & alruall, a- Ríghte ss time and pave, ge =ierall and particular, whence we have thefe be- nefi ; s following, [ i. That he who was fo full himfelfe is able to make ut full, if we want faith or love, or any other grace. [ a. By . this we know what' mediator we have to deale wicbal,even with one full of love, full of patience, full of tender compaffion,which may invite us to come to hint. [Laftly,we have this comf,,rr,that though