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Chrifts Fullneffe, and Mans EmptinefTe, &c, JOHN i. i6. Of bis Fullneffe we have all received Grace for Grace. Aint Auguftinein his books De Civitate Dei, feenies to Eland amazed at the Majefly which appeares in this firff of lohn, above all other pafiages of Holy writ. And Calvine faith, he Both in this Chap. Deto- nare ab alto, giving it the chiefefl infiance wherein a divine ftupendious authority appeares beyond al the writings of men. Iunius faith, that he was never ftrucken with an apprehenfi- on of the Dirty, till he read this firfl Chapter, affirming it to be t he firft & chiefeft caufe of his converfion from Atheifme to a fincere embracing ofChriffianity; you may fee it in his life written by him - felfe. And in all this Chapter, I find not a richer and fuller fen- wee then this which defcribes to us the fulJnefre of Chriff. The parts of it are three. Fill, here is a Fsrineffe attributed to Chriff. Secondly, this is not a refpe6tive but a di ffufive Fulnefre, that is, Fulneffe not Phut up in its owne Banker, but running over for our benefit and ufe. Of his Fulneffe we bave all received, that is, all that ever had a- ny Grace took it from this heap, drew it from this fountaine. Thirdly, thefe receits are amplified by the variety of them,grace for Grace. That is, Cbriff hath given to us all the Graces which he received of his father for us;Graces an fwerable,as the Seal is Paid to give to the Waxe print for print, Chara&er for Chara &er, or aa.a father is Paid to give to the fonne limbe for limbe, member for member, though not of the fame bigneffe and meafure. In the fame fenfe Chrift is laid to give to us Grace for Grace. So that now you fee here a full (hop, many Buyers or Receivers,chofe of wares,or ra. her to ufe the Scriptures fimilitude:A full Table,ma- pan The (1 fly Guefls, Variety of di(hes t Of bk fulneJfe we bave all received Y Gracefor Grace. A 3 We Y