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all unrighteoufne f fe and ungodlinefle. tant?, maims pecraturm; When the fault is onely in the wils being amiff-,it is a finne that exceeds: and that is the cafe of many aturall trien. As for example,fup. pofe the will be right, and the affcFions be well or- dered, and the underltanding only bee ignorant, this we calla fin of Ignorance ; and that is a circumftance which rather leffens a fin fimply confidered.Second- ly, fuppofe the und: °rftanding be right, and the will well difpofed, but paffion tranfports a man, this is a finne of Infirmity: But when the under ftanding fhall informe, fuch a fin is a fin, and no violent paffion be ftirred up to transport the foule, but the will never - thelef e chufes it, this I call a finne wiahout Tempta- tion, and this Circumftance aggravates fin, becaufe there is more will in ir,and it is much to have the wil furring in a fin: Therefore,Heb. i fhal find this expreffion,lf we fin wilfully after we have received the knowledge of the Truth, there remaines no more Sa- crifice for fin. It is true, he fpeakes there of the fin of Apoftacie, but marke that word, if wee fin wilfully, that is, if the will have much to doe in it, Mica the other faculties are rightly informed, and weil fer, when there is no Temptation, no refifiance, it is an ill finne that the finis out of choice. It is true, a man may have his minds let the right way, and yet a guff of wind may come, and carry him out of the way; but when the wind is hill, and the Sea calme, and there is nothing to troublehim,and yet he turnes the Rudder the wrong way, and aymes at a wrong haven, hee now finnes out of will and pertierfeneffe. There are many !lanes of this nature, as fwearing, when there is no Temptation, when the Vnderftan- ding 89 SER. I V. Di fference in Pinnes. 1-.w. Io. 26,