Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

90 S>rß. I V. That the Nature of man is full of ding knowes it to be a fin, and no great affection is (Erred up, but men will doe it becaufe they will doe it. So, ordinary neglea of the Sabbath, which can have no violent Temptation to carry a man to it. So negleo of hearing the Word, and Prayer, (I fpeake not of fais through infirmitie.) So the favouring of fin in others, as alto fcornefull and corrupt fpeeches, tending to the difgrace of holineffe and puritie of Converfation. Thefebe fins out of choyce, which a man is not rranfported to, not carried to, through any violence of paflion : It is one thing for a man to fell him felfe to fin, as Ahab did,and another thing to b:: fold under fin, as Paul; it is one thing to goe into Captivity, another thing to bee led thither with a kind of overruling violence:for in fuch cafe the moil upright- hearted man may be mifcarried,when finne (hall get on the hill of paflion, when it (hall have the wind of him,, and ftand on the higher ground, hee may bee foiled; but when a man frail bee on even termes with finne, when it (hall have no fuch advan- tage, but a man is every way himfelfe, and yet then fin againft G o n, this aggravates it exceedingly, for he doth it not out of pafhion, but in cold blond, and out of choice ; and when he chufes to fin,it is a feare- full thin,. When it is with him, as S. _1ug/Oiine (peaks ofhimfelfe,who when he had Apples enough, yet out of delight in the anion, hee would goe to an- other Orchard and rob that, without Temptation, becaufe he would doe it. So that there is difference betweene a man that is over- ruled,and overcome out of violence and paffion, and a man that fcekes com- pany and occafions , and incentives to whet and quicken