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98 SER. I V. t-rinfw. lames 2. ta. objeil. . Ex-café. Others are wQte. Anfw. That the Nature of man is full of f to Church diligently; and thefe things, in their con - ccits,ballance their fins ; and though they finne, yct they aske God forgiveneffe morning and evening,and their fins are not lb hainous, as it they had done no good at all, and for this they thinke God may deale better with them. But it is true in this, as in your Law, Stoppage is no payment. When a man doth fomerhing that God commands, and leaves otherfome undone ; let him know G o n requires a perfect obedience to every Commandement, Lino z.1 o. fie that keepes the whole Law, and fades but to one, that is, omits one duly, he is guilty of all. If that be fo,then every bufh can ftop but one gap, you have no more than was your duty. If you could doe fomething fuperfluous, and more than G o n requires at your hands, it were fòme. fatisfaetion. But if there bee other finnes wherein you fparc your felfe, and would have a little more li. berty,you would not be fo flrait laced in this ;feting, I fay, G o D requires an exai obedience to all, all that you doe is nothing. It matters not how much you doe, if you faile in one, though you be careful' ro doe all the duties of new obedience, fo that there is no.Commanderttent but thoutaideavvureff to per forme it to the full,yet if there be one thing wherein, thou taken liberty, it is enough tocondemnethee. A aine: Bur l hope I am nor fo bad as bthérs; I am free from many fins, whet tWith others are tain- ted ; and I have many good thing iñ niee,'that they want. To this I anfwer briefly, and fo will pífc from it: 'Ern, thou mayen deceive thy felfe mush, in thinking thou art not fo bad- as okhers. Art not thou.