Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

all unrigbteoufnefJe and ungodline. except you doe more than that, you 'hall never be faved. As for example,in the fequele of this Chap- ter H: names foure particulars : The Pharifees fay, Than 'Ball not kill; but that is not enough: I fay, Thou 'halt not be angry unadvif dly, Againe, they lay, Thou (halt not commit adultery : But I ìav, Ifthou cherijheft any lufi, though thou never commef to at i it, thou corn_ mitteji adultery. Againe, the Pharifees fay,Forfveare not : But I fay,Sweare not at all, but let your yea,be yea, and your nay, nay ; for whatf6ever ù more than that, is Let them that fwcare,By Faith and Troth,con- fider this. Againe, the Pharifes fay, An eye for an eye, and a tooth fora tooth. B it I fay, Ms jhall doe good to them that hurt you, and biefe them that curie you,and except you doe thia, (which is more than the Pharifees doe) you cannot enter into the h ingdome of God You that think your condition fo good, becaufe you have a new Prieft.hood, a new Jubile, a time of liberty, I tell you,except you yeeld an Evangelical) obedience to all I have now named (which are but fame of ma. ny more) at all times, and in every particular, al- though you live under the Gofpell, you cannot bee faved, for otherwifc the Publicans and Pharifees can doe as much as you, and you mutt doe more than men can doe by nature, you mutt do fomething that is angular, and above the reach of Nature,you mutt (rive to perfehion, labouring to bee like your hea- venly Father. So much for that. The fourth Excufe is. But wee doe many things that will ballance our finnes, although we doe force things amifle, yet we doe many things well, we give Alines, receive the Sacrament, it may be, wee come to 97 SER. I V. objeti. 4. Excuf. The good tLings we doe, wilfballance the erill.