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all unrighteou fneae and ungodlineffé. is nothing, if G o n give not a ipirit of Bondage to caufe you co feare, for it is that that makis the Law effeduall, as the Spirit of Adoption makes the Go- fpell, no man without it can fee fi ine with a laving, and feeling fight. But how doth it worke this eflc-F,t in a mans hearty Not by making him feare God as a flave, for that the HOLY Gin o s r will not doe ; therefore that is not an Att we can attribute toHim,but my meaning is, The Ho L Y G H o s r by the fpirit of Bondage enlightens a man to fee his fin,and the fcntence of the Law against it,and to judge of his eitatc with a grie- vous judgement,and when he fees things as they are, he knowes and feeles the bondage he was in before, though before he felt it not. I fay, the Ho r. x G x o c r enlightens us,which enlightning difcovers ro us,and convinceth us of fin; and then we Tooke on the Law, and there finde, Car- ed rr he that continuer not in all theft Comm indorentr to doe them. Then obferving our hearts, and teeing how farce wee are from that reCìitude the Law re- quires, our fpirirs begin to feare, like a man in bon- dage, that is (hut up in prifon, and in danger of his life : therefore, as for the Word, fo labour for this Spirit; the Word is a fharpe (word, but how can it wound us without an arme to handle it e And when you have done that, you will eafily doe the thing I have exhorted you to doe, that is, you will then come to C x a a s r, you will not ftand to cheapen the Kingdome of God, but you will buy ir, though you dive all you have for ir, and yet will thinke you have a good bargaine; you will not feeke the King- El 3 dome 101 SEit. I V. Hove it vor- keththisin a man?