Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

102 That the Nature of man is full of SER. IV Galat.;.8. Philip. 3.9. dome of G o D in fuch a lazie, and laxe, and remifi'e manner, as you were wont to doe, but will take it violently. And if you come to G OD after this man- ner, if you be driven out of your felves, and fee what your owne righteoufneffe is, that it will not ferve your turne, and therefore fecke for a righteoufnefl'e at His hands, you may bee furs Hee will not deny you. You may fee what S. Paul faith, Galat. 3.8. That you may be aflitred, that licking you f hal! obtain, faith he, If an Angell from heaven preach another Go- ff,ell,or if I my felfe f heuld doe it,beleeve not the Angell, and let me be accurfi : As if he had laid, I have made this truth known,that you fhall be juftified by meere grace , without workes, that you arc to come to C H R I ST with an emptie hand, bringing nothing with you. If any man now fhould queftion this Go- fpell, and think to bring fomething of his owne and will not flicke to this cleare promife ; nay, if an An- gell come from heaven and contradiá it, let him be occurred. This is the true Gofpell, and you may beleeve it. If you can therefore doe as S. Paul did, Philip. 33.9. That reckoned all .0 droffeand dung, that hee might bee found in C x R i s r, not having hie' owns righteouf neffe of the Law, but that which is through faith in C x R I s T . That when you come to fee your con- dition, you defire the righteoufneffe of C H R I S T with that carneftnefl'e that he did, when he reckoned all as droffe and dung, even his owne righteoufneffe, which he knew would not lave the turne. If, I fay, thou care thus goe to C x a i sr, knowing that no antecedent condition is rcquired,butonely thirfttng for