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There it et íevelation of the Rvratb lings and pence, acid they (tit adde to the heape. So God addes to the heape of His wrath, as men adde fins, He addes dropper to H's Violl, and when the meafure of our Times is full, then the Violl of His wrath is full, it is Rill encrcafing. Let not a man thinke,that when he is over the fhooes,he can goe no further, for wrath receives addition. Secondly, Treafures are clofe,and covered, there being no ufe of them for the prefent. It is therefore faid,Wrath is fowen for the wicked, as joy is fowen for the righteous,it lyes under the ground for a time: Therefore, doe not fay God is ílacke, becaufe you finde not His wrath prefently powred forth. It is not flackneffe, but patience And if you doe of negli- gence fin, and God markes it not, but is patient to- wards you, and fullers you, know that Hee will not fuffer that patience of His to be abufed,but for every honre that you fpend after the commifiion of a fin, without returning to God, you (hall fare the work. Revel. a. a o. Igave her [pact to repent, and Pe did not ; What then ? Therefore I will call her into great mho. lotion. So that as God is angrie,and as His wrath en- creafes, fo it lyes hid for a rime. Thirdly,there is an cxpence of Treafures, in time of need they bring them forth,and ufe them;fo doth God partly in this life, when Hee fhall fmite a man with deflruCtion, that fhall quite fwecpe him away, as He did Said and Iudos, partly and fpecially in the life to come, which is called the declaration of the juf} judgement of God, that fhall then bee declared, which is now for a time hid. Secondly, as there is a Treafure of His wrath, fo there s. The powei sf it.