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140 SER. IV. Yre 2. Libour for a Senfe of the wrath of Gad. 7bere is a P e )'elation of wrath Chapter, and it is certaine that the lodgement of the Scripture is right. And let all this humble you. Secondly, make this ufe of it, learnt to adde this to your humiliation. As you mutt labour to fee your Rate, to have that corruption of nature which is in you, difcovered: So you mutt labour for a fenfc of the wrath of God, which if you get not, you will never be humbled: Labor to tee God Himfelfe in His wrath,looke not nakedly on an . {fitdion,but fee God in it. If a man bath a fight of Him, the Creator, it will wholly amaze and humble the Creature. Eliah was not moved with the wind that tare the Rockes, nor with the Earth- quake,though terrible,but when God came (though in a loft voice, yet) the pretence of God humbled him, that made him cover his face with his Mantle. There bee two kindes of Afflilion, one is that which the Creature is able to beare,the other fort is, when God's hand is in it when they are mingled with wrath.Thefe be like arrowes dipped in venome, that make a deeper wound, and filch an one as is in. curable: when you feele the wrath of God in any af- ifli&tion, let it be but a light apprehenfion in it tclfe, yet when the Lord 'ball fet it on, and mingle it with His wrath, is will grow infupportable. Iuda before his Treafon thought thirty perces o Myer to be a great matter, and that he had got much by it,but when God did manifëtt Hank lfc,and revea- 1 led His wrath a little, fo that bee faw God, and had a feeling of Him, (as every man {hall have fooner or later) you fee what a condition he was in. So it was with Beif bazx:er, It was his feare of Goa i when;