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Romt. 14. Rom. a I. The bell men before Regeneration Now thirdly,for the Extent of this,to know how farre it reaches ; It enlightens every man that comes into the world, none is excepted, every man bath a part in this Light. And if that be queftioned, bath every man fuch light, fuch Truths revealed to him, by which he knowes what he ought to-doe,in a great meafure, and what he ought not todoe, the Apoft le proves it by foure Arguments in this Epiftle (to goe no further for proofe:) Firft, they muff needs know much, for they have meanes to know it. The invifi. bic things of G o D are made knowne by the things they fee. The heavens are the worke of His hands, and they declare it, and every man underfiands their language. If we thould preach in Greeke or Latine, every man, haply, could not underfiand us,but their Language every man under flands. Secondly, Every man hath thoughtsexcufing or acculing him, faith the Apoftle, Rom. a. a4. which fhewes that hee bath this Light, for that proceeds from Confèience and light,fhewing what is evil,and what is good ; there is a fecret remorfe of Confci- ence in the worn.. Thirdly, They doe the things contained in the Law, therefore they Phew the effeEt of the Law written in their hearts; they doe many mo- rall things, which fhewes that they have the Moral] Law. And lait of all, they judge other men, they are able ro finde fault with the belt, to fpie out what is amitfe in the molt holy man, and be ready to blame him for it, Ram. a.1. Thou which judgeft Brother, doefl loot thou condom' thy felfe ? All this makes the point evident: