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with -hold the Truth irrunrighteou/nefre. i 121 evident, that every man is enlightned. And fo you SE a. v. fee what this Truth is, where it is placed, w hence it comes, and how farre it extends. And now wee come to the fecond particular, to 2 How this thew how it is with holden. It is n'ith.holden, faith T hol]ddenen. with the Apoftle, out of unrighteoufneffe, that is,after this manner : When men know that fuch things are true, and that they ought to do them,yct out of their love and delight in their unrighteous lufts, they pra- dife not according to knowledge, they havefome light in them, but their darkneffe will not fuffer that light to (hoot forth it felfe into their a6lions, into their whole Converfation : As it is excellently ex_ prefled in lohn 1.5. a place worth your confidering; The light fkone in darknef , but the darkneff compre- Iohn r. S hended it not; or, the darkneffe received it nor. The When is this, Chrift fhinesin the hearts and confciences of men, there the light flayes, it goes no further, it is.fhut up within the wals of their confci. ences,within the compafi'e ofrhat one faculry,it Both not thed it felfe into all the reft of the foule; therfore it doth not enlighten the foule,though there be fome light, yet it loth not turne the darkneffe to light, and thence it is, that it is imprifoned, for it is firm up,and cannot put it Idle forth. Thus the light in a natural] man is (hut up : As for example, Take the light ofa Starre in a darke night, and compare it with the light of the Sunne, the Star will Chew it felfe, and no more, it cannot turne the darkneffe to light, but the light of the Sunne,though never fo little, looke in what meafiire it appeares, it fcatters the darkneffe from JEafl to Weft : So there is Wit