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'pith -hold the Truth in unrighteou /ne f fe. Sabbath - breaking good, but now the queftion is, whether the action I doe at fuch a time be Sabbath- breaking or no e Here they finde a diftinLtion to put it off; fo vaine Company, I know,is to be avoided, but whether this be ill Company is all the queftion. All thefe wayes men are laid to irnprifon the Truth. And fo much for the fecond particular. The thi-d thing propuunded,was to Phew how great a finde it is W VV1vh -hold the Truth in unrigh_ teouincffe, and that veill appcare from hence. P is that which brings the greatcfl Condemnati- on of any thing elfe This is the condemnation, Ian 3. that li lit is come into the world, and men loved darke- ;effe better than Ìi «die : As if he had faid, there be o- ther things for watch God will punifh men, but this above all the raft do fcrves condemnation, it brings great,and fwif t condemnation, that light is come in. to the world, but men, &c. That is, when men (hall be informed, when G o D (hall rev ale His Truth,lo that His light glares in their eyes, and they cannot but fee it, and yet they love darkeneífe more than light, this puts men into farre worfe condition, than if they were altogether ignorant of the Truth. Elfe why fhould Peter fay, it had beene better they had ne- ver knawne the way of righteoufne(fe ? They (hall pe- rifh that be ignorant of theté Truths, and of the de- gree of them, but at the day of Iudgement it (hall be a great deale harder with them that know and doe not praaife them : As ler. 5 .... Sarety, (ayes the Pro - phet, they area pore andfeolijh people, they know not thew ayes of the Lo K D, nor she Indgement of their God: They fhall therefore perifh ; but then there is an- other izs SER.. V. How great a finne it is to with-hold the Truth in un- righteoufneffe. I It brings great - eft condemna- tion. Iohn 3, Ier. q:4. r