Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

izó The heft men before Regeneration SE R. V. other Generation that know G o D : r will get mee to _ the great men that have known the wayes of G o D, but theft have altogether broker the yoke ,and buril the bonds: That is, theft be the men wt h whom G o D is molt angry, upon whom this condemnation (hall fall hea. vie,that know the Iudgement of their G o D,and yet break His bonds, that know, and doe not prac`ífe. z Secondly, (to got no further than this place) The It provokes wrath of G o D is revealed from Heaves, but againft Gods wrath. whom a againft them that with-hold the Truth in un- righteou[neffe: That for which G o D is angry, for which His wrath is revealed againft men, in a fpeci- all manner muff be a finne. It is true He will punifli other fins,but thefe words are not here ufed in vaine, for they that doe thus finne out of contempt, and amongft men, a fin out ofcontempt kindles wrath; in like manner, they that know G o n's will, but pra6tife not according to knowledge, provoke G o D'S wrath againft them. An excellent place fôr fhb. ;.9,to. this, is Hebr.3.9, ro. you (hall finde this the cafe of the people, when they knew not G o D at all,or but a little number of them, G o o = bleffcd them all that time,` but when Hee had revealed Himfelfe fully to them,and had endured them forty yeares, when they tempted Him, proved Him, and paw His worker, then He fwäre in Hia wrath that they fhould not enter into Hit refl. His wrath was then kindled, and that in fuch a rneafure, that We entred into fuch an oath. Now when G o D takes an oath, the decree is perempto- ry, and never ro be reverted and that is the conditi- onof them that with -IIòld the Truth in unrighteouf- Lohn ;. ult. nef ie, The wrath of G o D abides on vhem, loh.3 ult. GOD