Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

13° The bell- men before qtegeneration, SEx V , day m on your felves you bring this Iudgcme Pints, and the (hall be darke on them, and will They that are guilty of this, that have not ufed this Truth, but imprifoned ir, and laboured as much as they can to caute the Surine to goe downe, and rife no more, to turne the day into night, let them confider what the fin is ; when you reade the flory of the Kings, and heare them faying to the Pro phets,Prophecie not,im- prifoning them, as Ahab did Micaish, and flaying them, as Ioafh did zcchariah, you will little thinke you are guilty of the fame fin : but when this Truth comes as a Prophet from G o D, and tels you, fuch and fuch things ought to be done, and fuch and fuch ì evils ought to beabftained from,and you (hall defire it to be filent and (hall fay,Prophecie nor,when you (hall not {offer ittofpeakefreely, I fay, your finnes fhall be as great as theirs;therefore learne to confider of it, and be humbled for it: men are wont to thinke their condition berter,becaufe they know more than others, but it is quite contrary, for nothing aggra- vates fin more than that. It is an extreme folly in men, when they cannot deny the faéî,they flight the fault, and will not acknowledge it. It was v1.'am's fault, when G o D came towards him, hee fled, and hides his fin; and it is the fault of all Adam's pofieri- tie. But let men know, that the quite contrary way is the way to Salvation. It is not with G o D, as it is with men, among whom confeffión makes way for condemnation ; tor, with G o D, confefli.on is the way to Salvation. Therefore be not unwilling to examine your felves, confider how much you have knowne, what truthes have beene revealed to you. Doe