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'Pith -bold the Truth in unrigl teoufneffe. 129 by the Law of man it is death to kill children that are SE R. V. begot by man, but this Truth is begot by the Ho L Y G if o s r, it is put in by the Spirit of G o D; and to extinguifh this Truth, not to Culler it to live, not to nourith it, not to bring it forth, is the great fin of all. Even the Heathen (hall rife in Iudgenient againft Chri(lians for this,who maintained the Veflall fire ; becaufethey conceived it to come from heaven,they for that caufe never !offered it to goe our. But this Truth is a fire which came from heaven, a (parke put into the bref}s of men to guide their feet into the way of Peace; when men (hall extinguifh this Truth, let it goe out, wad not maintaine ir, the Lieathen fhall rife againfi them in judgement ; as the men of Ninì- veh fhould rife up again(} the men of that Generation among whom C x R i ST lived. Wee arc wont to take care of precious things, confider the preciouf. nefl'eof this Truth; what is precious we will not be willing to deffroy, as the Prophet faid of the bunch of Grapes, Deroy it not, for there is a blefiing in it. And what doe you thinke of this Truth Is it not a precious thing r Yea, it is the chiefe thing in a man. Ina (hip a wife man will have an eye to the rudder, for that turnes all the re (I of the body of the (hip. Of all things in our felves we looke to our eye,the guide of the body ; fo we fhould learne to watch, and bee tender over this Truth, as over our eye, for the one is the light but of this life,the other is the light of the foule to eternal' life. In Micah 3.6. It is threatned Micah. ;. 6, as a great Judgement, when G o n (hall turne their Vifions into night, and their Divinations into dar ke- ncf1, when the Sunne (hall goe downe on their Pro K phers,