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with -hold the Truth in unrisbteoufneffe. 47 one faculty, it turnes not the foule into light, and SE R. VI. therefore they know many things, and doe many things, yet becaufe the worke is not generali, they have 11111 Ionic exception, fomething there is where- in they favour them (elves, fome duty there is that they omit, and that conflantly from time to time. Again, as they doe not doe all, fo what they doe 2 they doe not in fincerity, they doe it not to the Lord That they doe but for other refpeets, for themfelves, for credit or is not rneere. applaufe, to winne love and good will among men, or to avoid fhame,or they do it to efcape judgement, and to attaine that fafety which Nature it felfe may delire, or elfe to fatisfie natural] Confcience : many . other refpeets there be, but they doe iraotin finceri- ty to the Lord. But it may be objeeled : When they doe things in object. fecrer, doe they not doe them to the Lord ? It is true, they doe it to him as to a naturall good as a bodge that punifhes and rewards, as a Difpenfcr of good and evill; fo they doe it to the Lord, but not to him as a Father, as holy and pure, as abftraded from alh punifhment, and reward, they doe not fix their eye on the Perlon of God to love him, to de- fire favour and Communion with him ; after this manner they delire him not, and fo they faile in the good aelions they doe. Fifthly and laflly, there are two men in Civili men before Regeneration, that is, an infligation to that which is good,and a relueta In their n y to rt,a re0lfene flta' iii wore againft ir, fomething contrary thereto, as well as in chmgs, the Regenerate, but you (hall find them to fall foort of the Saints in thefe foure regards. 2 Fir ft