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14g SsR. V I. I In reCpeft of the fub jeft. 2 There is a revelation of Zvratls Piríl, this combate in them differs from that in the Saints in refped of the fubjeó,it being betweene the Confcienee, and ail the reft of the Soule. The Confcienee fayes, fuch things muft be done, but the refs of the faculties rife in rebellion againft it, be- caufe (as I told you) the light is fhut up there, and all the foule is not enlightned :but in the Saints the Con - troverfie is betweene every faculty and it felfe, be- tweene the underflanding and it felfe, betweene the whole Souk, as it is compared with it felfe, there is fomething good in every part ofit,and fomething ill, and there two contend. Secondly, as it differs in the fubjeet, fo likewife in the objet, the contention is about different things. A civili man (that is, one that hath many excellent and good things in him, but yet is unregenerate, for that I mean by a civillman) may have a controver- fie with himlelfe about many things belonging to honefty, vertue, fins of the greateft extent, fuch as he is able to fee (as in a darke night we fee the Starres of a greater magnitude, but the other are hid from us) but there is fomething fpirituall, things that be- long to the Image of G o n, to the life of Grace, which he makes not Confcienee of, cannot contend about, for he underflands them not. flee may bee troubled about many evils, and if he fall into grofl'e fins, there may be a Contention in him after he hath committed them as well as before, but the fpirituall performance of duties which belong to godlineffe and true holineffe, is not controverted, and fo they differ in the objet. Thirdly, it differs in regard of the effeá and am of