Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

150 SER. VI. vfe 3. Men fanne not out of want of informati- on, but out of love of un- righteoulnes. There is. a qeVelation of .Thratl) of all, that is, to refill the defïre of life, to be con- tent to dye for Chrifl. So you fee how farce they mayy goe, and yet how fare they fall fhort. And now have I done with thofe three things, that the good things that carnali men have, dòe them no good. Secondly, that they doe them hurt. Thirdly, that they may goe farre,and yet, (that you may not bee deceived, ift apprehending what men they are, and what: condition we fpeake of) that they fall fhort of that`which is proper to the Saints, and fo much for the fecoid ufe. Thirdly, if this be the condition of men to with- hold the rush in unrighteoaifne ;then this will like - wife follow; that commonly men fin not out ofmi- flake, °not out of avant of Information and conviéti- on, but out of the very loveof unrighteoufncfl'e: And this formes tolake away the common excufe whereby men dó& ally mitigare, and extenuate their fins, as if they were coinmittect by accident, out of incogitation, or want of due confìderation ; you fee it is not fo, but that is the cafe ofevery man out of the (late of Regeneration to commit fin out of love to unrighteoufneffe. And this is a point that needs much to bee urged, becaufe men are not hum - bled ; you know theicope of this Text is to humble men, to convince them of their fins, to fhew them the circumftances by which their fumes are jufily to be aggravated ; now becaufe men will pretend they finne out of Infirmity, and their meaning is good, and they intend not to doe filch and filch evils, or if I they do them it is not with an ill mind; i advife you, I take heed you deceive not your felves, you know it was l