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again all unrighteou[ne ffe of men. was fonds his cafe, when hee had no minde to goe to Niniveb, Ire pretends faire reafons. God that fear - ches the heart, knowes your hearts, howfoevcr you defend and difpute for your fins, and there is a truth within that tels you fuch and fuch things ought not to be done. Therefore, karne from hence to know your fins, and the quality of them. And,if you ob- jea, we doe not ref ít this Truth, we obey it in ma- ny things ; Let mee aske y ,Doe you obey it in thofe things that croíl'e that S.ticular unrighteouf- ncffe wherein you are delighted (for there is the proofc)there be fomeperfonall fins to which a mans nature is moftenclined, examine it but pf love to them you doe not with-hold the Truth; for it fares commonly with Truth in this cafe, as it,did with John Bäptift, all thewhile bee preached Herod heard him willingly, yea, gladly,! it when beecameto touch upon Herodias, then bee Cooke away his head; and as he dealt with John, fo dofwe with Truth, fo long as it fuggefis nothing to Ili that crofíes our de- fires, wee are willing to obey it in all things that it (hall dilate to us, but when it tels us of fins that we are unwilling to heare of, wee fiat imprifon it, and then extinguifh it ; as there be degrees in reftrainìng of ir, firft in one degree, then in a greater degree,nnd at Taft we put it quite out:Therfore take heed to ir,la. bour to know your fins, to fee thofe which are moft natural] to you, whether in thefe you doe not with- hold the Truth in unrighteou fief ; which is done al_ ter this manner: When a man (hall have his heart fet i upon any particular thing which he is not willing to 1,prt with, and the Truth 1411 tell hiinfo tithing L 4 that isl SER. VI. How the truth is with -held in unrighteouf- neiíè,