Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

againflail unrighteoufnefJe of men: Truth, for many times thou canif not doe duties without flume, becaufe thou canft not hold in with them, and with duty too. It is not for nothing that David ufes that phrafe, Pfa1.119. 115. Away from me yee evil! doers, for 1 will keepe the commandements of my God : As if he had faid, When I goe about to keepe the Commandements of God, ifI have com pany about me that is not good, they will be a barre unto me, and as fetters to my (bide ; fo that k is true both wayes : the company of Saints enlarges Truth, the other ftraitens ir. St. Paul and others were good men, yet when they were miflaken in that,you !hall fee what a fetter it was: When S. Paul was to goe to lerufalenr to preach the Gofpell of Chri/l,they at Ce_ [rea wept, and wailed, defiling to flay him ; But, fayes he, What doe you breaking mine heart ? You may fee by that fpeech they were a great Impediment to him : And as Chrif laid to St. Peter, Get thee behind me Satan : And as David Paid to the fonnes of Zer. viah, 2 Sara. 16. r o. What have 1 to doe with you yee /onnes of Zerviah, when they advifed him ro take off Shemei his head : So if you would have the Truth to have liberty, take heed of ill company. As lames faith of refraining the Tongue, lam. r. 26. He that refraineth not his tongue, his Religion is in vaine : So we may fay of Company, bee that lookes not to his Company,his Religion is in vaine,he (hall find it fo, for this Truth will never bee at liberty, except it bee among them, among whom it will have its liberty. The end of the Sixth Sermons. CER 161 SER. VI. fltls zt. a;.