Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

i6o .moommor. (I SER.V 3. Communi- on of Saints. There is a revelation of wrath Yee fhall underfiand my words. Therefore if you will have this power, be doing, have a good Confcience, for that is the fiale of this Truth. How did Paul do to give this Truth liberty to rule in his lifer Why, faith bee, I exercrfe my felfe to keepe agood confcience, that is, If I knew any thing that was to be done,! fet my felfe about ir;and as the Mufician by often pra i- fing his lefi'on,or as one that writes,by praéfif ing his hand doth increafe his skill : So in there truths, thé more thou doff, the more thou mayeft doe ; letting them lye ftiil extinguifhes them, and for that WWI ten gives men up to a reprobate fenfe. On the other fide, if thou doff ufe them, doubt not but God will delight to enlarge them. As in other Talents,labou- ring to improve them, is the way to increafe them. Againe,adde this to it: the Communion of Saints you fhall finde a great meanes to enlarge this Truth, and to fet at liberty; by walking with the wife, you will bee more wife, and what is faid of Wifedome, may bee Paid of Truth, for they are the fame: Saul,, when he was among the Prophets, had a fparke or the Spirit of Prophecie, which though it was but a common aCfionin a wicked man, yet this fparke of a naturali and common gift of the Spirit, Saul had when he came among the Prophets. It is the Apo - files direCtion, Provoke one another to love andgood workes : As one Souldierencourageth another,and a fart goer flirtes up one thatis flow t fo good com- pany;whets Graces. On the other fide, illconapa- ny impriCons the Truth : If thouwilt keep company with them that are not good, thou mull correfpond with them, and this will caufe thee to choake this Truth,;