Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

16; SER. VII. CERTAINE SERMONS VPO? I-IVMILIATI ®N, The Seventh S E a ad. O N. ROMAN S 1.19,20. Forafmuch as that which may be knowne of God, is mani felt in them, for God bath fbevedit unto them. For the invi fable things of him,that is ,hie eternal power and God-head are clearly feene by the crea- tion of the world,being con fidered in bis workes, to the intent that they _Mould be without excu fe, E have purpofed íiill to goe on in this point of Humiliation, and then, God willing, wee will proceed to that of Iuftification, which we promifed to handle. Thefe words doe fecond the for. I mer, which wee have gone thorow, Tim' wrath of M2 Goy