Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

164 SEa. VII. s. That there is Inch a truth, proved loure wayes. a 2 ©bjeCi. v1nfw. There is a Revelation of watt, G o D is revealed from heaven, &c. The Apoftlt having let this downe, bath two thingsto prove Firft, . that there is fuch a Truth revealed. Second- ly, That they with -hold it in unrighte6ufheffe : Both which he proves in the fequele of this Chapter. Firff, there is fuch a Truth revealed to men, for (faith he) That that may be knowne of God is manifefi in them ; that is, there is a certaine portion of:Truth, a certaine meafure of knowledge which God bath made knowne to every man; indeed there bee diffe- rent meafures, but to every one force; meafure is gi. ven,fet forth by the Author thereof: God (faith het) bath /hewed it to them. Secondly, it is fet forth more particularly by the thing that is revealed : And third ly, by the meanes whereby it is revealed : Fourthly, by the end. Secondly, the thing that is revealed, as if he had laid; if you will know more particularly what this knowledge is, it is the knowledge of Gods eternal! Power and God -head. Thirdly, will, you know the meanes how it is re- vealed e It is revealed by his workes,and chiefly by the creation of the world. But,you will obje&,his eternall power and God- head are invifible, fhuf up from the view of men, how (hall men dote) fee and underfland thefe things, íeeing they are fo remote e (Saith hee) They au knowne by the things that are feene : You may fee the world, you may fee the workes of his providence; thefe things runne into the fenfes, and by there they are kno rne: As the Coule of a man is a thing in it felfe invifible, but yet you