Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

is made manifeft by God. gi eat Salvation, which began to be preached by the Lord Himfel(e r Hehath made it knowne; therefore it is a fearefull thing to negleFl it. Therefore you may fee what an EmphaJs God puts on rhar,Baf thou eaten of the tree, of which 1 bade thou fhouldeft not eau ? As if he had faid,the thing is a fmall matter in it felfe, yet it being the Commandement of the great God, I have commanded ir, and thou didft negleet ir, there- fore thou (halt die the death. And there is good reafon for ir, if we confider ir,ifGod giveth the Law it is his ; now Gods Name is taken in vaine, when His Law is not obferved; for though the difobedience be immediately againft the Law, yet it is terminately againft God himfelfe ; for what is againft the Scripture, is done againft God: Therefore, faith God to Saul,lnthat thoubaf caft mee away, Iwill no thee away. And fo faith Chriíf to His Di(ciples, What f ever is done agaínfi you, is done A. gainfi me ; it is terminated in me: Therefore, thinke when you (hall come to die, or to any cafe of extre- mity, and God (hall fpeake to your con(ciences, and tell you, thou haft broken the Law I gave thee, thou haft rebelled againft me, thou haft given thy mem- bers as weapons of unrighteoufnefle against me,now I will be avenged of thee, thou (halt know lain iuft thou fink know who it is thou haft offended, this is no (mall matter. If tve Minìfters come and tell you, you muff not fweare,but your yea, mutt be yea, and your nay, nay, and whatfoever more is evill ; you muff fweare no kinde ofoathes, if we tell you, you mutt not diffemble, not lye, not keepe vaine compa- ny, not mifpend your Talents, not reffraine prayer from 171 SE R. VII. z