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The Law of mans judgement from the Almighty, if we tell you this, it is no fmall matter to neglcd it, it being the Commandement of God ; doe not fay of fin as ye were wont, Indeed it is a fault, and I would I could doe orherwife, but teeing they be fins againft God, know what it is to fin again ft the Iudge of all the W orld,this will make thee thinks of fin in another manner. Therefore in your fins labour to fix your eyes on God,and it will aggravare finne. As David in the one and fiftieth Pfalme faith, c.../1 ping thee, againft thee onely have 1 finned, repeating it twice in chat place ; he compofed that Pfalme to fet forth his finne, but that which wounded his confcience, that made him fee the hai. noafnefTe of his finne was this, cifgaioft thee I have fanned : So the Prodigal! fon,this is the circumftance by which he aggravates hisfinne, t.ílgainft heaven and againft thee l have offended : So lame to know that your finnes are againft God, and therefore to preffe this Truth a little more. Confider well with your felves,what is the rea- fon that God hath required fuch avaft punifhment againftfinne, that is, eternal! death ; rhinke what e. ternity is, it is that wch fwallowes up your thoughts, it is a punifhment, the length, and depth, and bredth whereof you cannot comprehend. Thinke why God bath appointed fuch a vafle punitimenr, and you (hall finde, it is becaufe you f nne againft an I m- menfe, a great and Almighty God, the length, and bredth, and depth of whole greatncfl'e you cannot comprehend. Againe, what is the reafon God should appoint fuch a lwediatour to take away the fins of the worldi that 2 3