Preston - Houston-Packer Collection BX5133.P74 S2 1637

is made mani f èfi by God. Churches ; his end being to tell of their fin, ílill that comes in, Hethat.hath an care to Beare, let him heare As if he had faid, when I conic ro fpeake of matter of fin,there be many here that can tell what I fay,that can underfand me well,but few have cares to under - fland indeed. As when the Prophet came to Jerobo- am, bee heard the Prophet fo as it anger'd him, hcc knew what his fin was, but hen heard it not to pur- pole : So when Chrif pronounceth a woe to the scribes and Pbaries, they heard it well enough, but they had not an care to heare it to purpofe:Men may heare what flefh and common reafon, and common men fay of fin, but not what the Spirit faith of ir, there is another kinde of finfulneffe in fin, which is the fpirituall evill of fin, and what the Spirit faith of this they doe not heare : Therefore you muff even be brought to Chri(l, as the deafe man was,who be. ing both deafe and dumbe, was brought to Chriff, that he might lay his hands on him, now Chriff put his finger into his cares and faith, Ephata, bee thou opened, and then the man heard and fpake ; fo of all men that heare this Word, there is not a man but he is deafe, according to this inward kinde of hearing : therefore you muff bee brought to Chrifl, and be. leech him to give you eares to heart; for few have cares to heare what the Spirit faith unto the Chur- ches when itdifcovers their fin and mifery : There- fore, let not this Doctrine be in vaine to you, but learne from hence to humble your felves,to come to God, and fay to him° Lord, I am now amazed and confounded,I thought before lcífes and croffes were fgreat matters, but now I fee they are but flea- bitings to 17 5 SER.V1i.