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The Law of mans judgement i Coy.' 5.5 6. The fling of death is fin : If you looke i a death, it is the molt terrible thing in the world : You know what the Philofopher Paid of ir, of all rerr ible things, it is the mort terrible, the mot} feare. full, but fin is the fling of death : As if het had Paid, Death is a ftnall thing in comparifon of fin; let a man want flane, and death is nothing,itis but fleepe, it is nothing to have the body and foule feparated, Againe fuppofe there were no death, but let body and foule remairae together, yet finne is a terrible thing, it is above all the Terrours in the world, as in iudas, feehis terrours,though there was no death on him ; fee v1dam when hee was not in Hell, but in Paradife,yet how was he Tormented with his finne:' Therefore weigh not finne in a wrong ballance, look not on it with a wrong light, take heed of being de- ceived, for in this of all other things men are molt apt to bee deceived: That is the corruption of Na- ture, that orange dar-keneffe is brought on men by L4dam, that in the thing that moil concerneth him, which is fin, in that he is molt ignorant, mofl apt to be deceived: Therefore when the Apoflle (peaks of (in, her comes in hill with this caution, Bee rot de- ceived, i Cor. 6.9. Be not deceived, neither Fornica- sotir, nor Idolaters, nor Adulterers, &c. fhállinherit the kingdorne of God; as if men in that were moil apt to be deceived : So Ephef. 5.6. Be not deceived, far, for filch things the wrath of God comes on the children of difobedience : And obferve when Chrift goeth about to Phew to any man, or to any Church what their fins are, or what their danger is, he addcs this, Let him that an care hear*, That the Spirit faith'to the Churches: